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Bio-Tek Services, Inc. has been a pioneer and leader in the field of metrology for over a decade, specializing in Accredited Calibration services for Scales & Balances, Pipettes, and Temperature measurements. We also provide NIST traceable calibrations for Torque, Dimension,  Speed (rpm), Pressure/Vacuum and Air Flow (fume hoods).

We have structured our entire program around compliance and meeting the most stringent quality and regulatory requirements. We are a nationwide company, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, with laboratories and field calibration technician across the country with highly skilled and meticulously trained technicians and field personnel. Offsite calibration services provided.



Pipette & Liquid Handling Calibration Services

Our liquid handling devices and calibration offerings provide a complete and fully compliant service for all of your pipette calibration and certification needs.

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Temperature Calibration Services

Our services provide a complete, comprehensive temperature calibration designed to provide the lowest possible measurement uncertainties.

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Balances & scales Calibration Services

Scale calibration services incorporate time-tested methodologies in compliance with standards that govern gravimetric measurement systems.

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